If you want to learn more about Lowry Landfill, consult the below documents for additional information about its history and operations. Produced in conjunction with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, and the Tri-County Health Department, they’re your quick-start guide to understanding cleanup plans and progress.

Background Information

  • Site Timeline: Read a chronological history of Lowry Landfill dating back to 1964, when the land was deeded to the City and County of Denver.  Download
  • Know Your Lowrys: There’s more than one “Lowry” in the Denver metro area. Learn the origin of the Lowry name, and how to distinguish Lowry Landfill from Denver’s other Lowry locales.  Download
  • Denver Arapahoe Disposal Site Fact Sheet: Learn about the Denver Arapahoe Disposal Site, the active waste disposal facility serving Denver and the surrounding areas.  Download

Cleanup Information

  • Cleanup Overview: Review the key components of cleanup efforts at Lowry Landfill, where site stakeholders have taken a “containment” approach that minimizes the risk and long-term threat of contaminated materials.  Download
  • Water Quality Fact Sheet: In communities around the Denver metro area, treated groundwater from Lowry Landfill is used to irrigate local parks and golf courses, converted into fertilizer and recycled for other uses. Learn how contaminated groundwater from beneath the Lowry site is contained, monitored and treated onsite to rigorous regulatory standards before it is discharged to local wastewater facilities for additional treatment and reuse.  Download
  • Lowry Landfill Superfund Site Update Announcement: Download
  • Lowry Landfill Groundwater Monitoring Plan: In 2005, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency approved an updated comprehensive groundwater monitoring program for Lowry Landfill. Read about the plan and find out how it will be used to ensure that groundwater containment remains effective and protective, and in compliance with water quality standards, in perpetuity. On July 21, 2015, the USEPA approved the Revised Groundwater Monitor Plan.  Download
  • Latest Five-Year Review: Federal law requires the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to review Superfund sites once every five years to ensure that cleanup efforts are working. Lowry Landfill’s third five-year review was revised in July 2015, when federal reviewers determined that cleanup efforts were “functioning as intended” and “protective of human health and the environment.”  Download

Maps and Graphics

Visit our “Maps and Graphics” page for resource that will help you visualize Lowry Landfill’s location and layout.

Technical Committee Reports

The Lowry Landfill Technical Committee meets annually to review cleanup and containment activities on the site. The committee’s reports follow:

  • There are no reports available at this time.

More Information

Consult our “Links” page for additional information about Lowry Landfill.